About Me

My First Stand-Up show for my Grandma, Great Grandma, Mom & Older sister

Raised by Portuguese Immigrants, I grew up speaking two languages and two cultures, Portuguese and American. Which makes for great jokes and awkward situations. I love my big happy Portuguese family and love to make people laugh. You know that “one Relative” in your family…well I don’t have one of those…which probably means it’s me. I’m okay with that, because who cares really, I like silence anyway.

I’m originally from a small city in south east LA (until I was 6 years old). Then I spent most of my adult life in Escondido, CA. Then I missed the smog and the traffic and moved to LA later on in my life to pursue things like wasting my money, while I chase my dream. I’m also a smarty, I have a Master’s Degree…I know looks and brains. I am also currently looking for a rich man with one foot in the grave to spend the rest of his life with me…who has a great life insurance policy.

Melissa Goncalves – Comedian, Writer, Producer